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Scratch card lottery is a simple cash game with real winnings

Scratchcards (also called scratch , scratch ticket , scraper , scratchum , scratch something , scratch game , scratch-and-win , instant play or instant lottery . In England, scratchie , many scrots , or scritchies . Basically a small card, often made from a thin paper competition card and plastic to hide the PIN, where one or more areas contain hidden information that can be revealed by scraping off the opaque cover. Applications include cards sold for gambling (especially lottery games and quizzes), free maps for quizzes, free fraudulent cards, encouraging calls to telephone services with a high rate, as well as for hiding sensitive information, such as PIN-codes for phone calling cards (also known as top-up cards) and other prepaid services. In some cases, it is necessary to scratch the entire area that can be scratched to see if a prize has been won – the card is printed to win or not – or to reveal the secret code; the result does not depend on which areas are scratched. In other cases, it is necessary to scratch some, but not all, areas; this can be applied in a quiz where the area corresponding to the correct answer is scratched, or in some gambling games where, depending on which areas are scratched, the card wins or loses. In these cases, the card becomes invalid if too many areas are scratched. After losing, you can scratch all areas to see if you can, how and what you could win with this card. –

What is a scratch lottery? For those who hear such a word for the first time, it may seem that this is some kind of difficult game that needs to be understood. In fact, the words “scratch” are translated from English as “scratch” or “scrape”, and the lottery is a classic instant lottery where the hidden field is erased with a coin.

This game has been attracting people for several decades, as it makes it possible to experience a sense of excitement and immediately get your winnings.

How to play scratch lottery online?

Today the game is also available online and has the same features as an offline scratch lottery, that is, cells with hidden fields that need to be scraped off; winnings that are credited instantly, and, as in the instant lottery, does not require learning the rules.

For example, the following version of the game is implemented: – A playing field opens in front of you, consisting of closed cells and a beautiful girl in a black dress. You place a bet of any size from $1 up to $50 and start playing. Of the 9 closed fields, only 3 need to be opened. If all of them are empty, then your bet will be lost; if a plate with a number is opened in at least one of the cells, your bet will be increased by the corresponding number of times. But if you open several fields with coefficients at once, they will be multiplied, and your winnings will increase significantly. For example, if the number 3 opens in one of the fields, then the rate will increase by 3 times, and if another field with the number 4 is opened, the rate will increase 12 (3 * 4) times.

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